Newport Public School

Cooperation and Friendship

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Newport Public School Canteen

Volunteers are always sought-after to help in the canteen. Contact details are available via the school newsletter - The Natter!


The purpose of the canteen is three-fold:

  • To provide a healthy and appealing recess and lunch service to the students and faculty of the school.
  • To complement classroom programs and learning and educational experiences.
  • Function as a business and as a fundraiser for the P&C.


Health and Nutritional Objectives

  • Provide a selection of food in accordance with theĀ NSW Healthy School Canteen Strategy.
  • Set an example of healthy and practical food choices consistent with the students classroom learning and experiences.
  • Offer as many fresh choices as can be managed by the available volunteers.

Financial Objectives

  • To serve as a fundraising activity for the P&C in order to contribute towards resources for all students.
  • To function as an efficient business enterprise.

Educational Objectives

To complement classroom learning and experiences as relevant to:

  • Food and Nutrition e.g. what are healthy foods and what effect food has on the body.
  • Environment e.g. the impact of packaging on the environment.
  • Cultural e.g. social and cultural aspects of foods from different cultures.
  • Physical/Societal e.g. growth in obesity and the importance of exercise.