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Extra Curricular Music

Music at Newport

Musical activities provide children with important experiences, which can help them develop physical co-ordination, timing, memory, visual, aural and language skills. As children increase their command of music and exercise musical skills in the company of others, they gain important experiences with self-paced learning, mental concentration and social awareness. More importantly, music is a gift that will last a lifetime; socially, academically, and creatively.

There are important outcomes that children will achieve as musicians and individuals, and the tiered structure for both the wind bands and the string ensembles ensures these outcomes are commensurate with children's skill levels. These outcomes include:

  • Development of self and group discipline including punctuality, teamwork, leadership and rehearsal skills.
  • Constant development of skills including playing techniques, intonation, sight-reading, singing, rhythm, pitch, sound quality
    and listening.
  • Understanding music vocabulary.
  • Instrument care and knowledge.

The Newport School Bands and String Orchestra and Newport’s School Orchestra represent the culmination of these skills, with prospects for the children at primary school and beyond, including exciting opportunities to participate in specialised high school music programs and progression into highly acclaimed community orchestras.

The wind program commenced in 1991 with 15 students under the watchful eye of Music Directors Martin Hardy and John Stone. Since then it has steadily evolved to include a string orchestra, three wind bands, and three string ensembles, after the successful introduction of a violin program in 1999.

Children are placed in instrumental groups in accordance with their level of musical ability. Our wind ensembles progress through Training, Intermediate, and Performance, Bands. The strings ensembles progress through 1st Year Violin Ensemble, 2nd Year Violin Ensemble and String Orchestra. The String Orchestra and selected Performance Band students then combine to form the Newport School Orchestra for special events periodically through the year.